Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Santa Rosa DUI lawyer is someone you can turn to whenever you face DUI charges.
If you have been charged of DUI in California, one of your initial reactions is to find what possible aid can you get through the help of the Internet. This includes possible information and pieces of advice to get you out of this mess but the truth is only a legal DUI lawyer can do this for you. It would be better if you appear on court for your DUI hearing with a Santa Rosa DUI Lawyer who specializes in DUI Cases only.

Driving drunk in the State of California is a serious offense. One should be aware of the California DUI laws, this state for they have stricter and bigger penalties for the offenders, even for the first timers. They have reduced the blood alcochol content (BAC) to 0.08% and ordered immediate license suspension for people violating the law. Reduced charges are only possible in this state if you have a knowledgeable defense lawyer like DUI Attorney Rancho Cordova, who can present you a decent case in court. A competent lawyer representing you in the court would be a big help to reduce your fines and penalties if not to totally drop the case against you.

Being charged with extreme DUI is another matter. A DUI is said to be extreme if the offender is found to have a BAC level of 0.15% to .018%. One should already expect that penalties include higher fines, higher court costs, longer jail time, added required DUI classes and stricter driver’s license sanctions. If you are thinking of the funds you would be spending in getting a lawyer over this pile of fees and penalties plus the bad record you would be getting, you may want to think again, or just wish that you should have not driven the streets of California after drinking, only to realize that it is too late for that wish, but never too late to fix your problem.

You could also seek free legal advice before you decide on what next steps you would be doing. Another option is to do some research about the California DUI Lawyers Association to give you pertinent information as to who can best represent your case. It has the list of DUI attorneys in California and it believes that driving under the influence is not worth the consequences it implies. Having someone to stand and believe in what you fight for is important and you can find this in the persona of a Santa Rosa DUI Lawyer.